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Does my product qualify?

Products must be made in South Carolina. The manufacturers’ headquarters does not need to be in South Carolina. Products must be manufactured using a manufacturing process. For example, a restaurant that makes pizzas would not qualify, but a plant that mass produces frozen pizzas would.

How many products can I nominate?

There is no limit on the amount of products a person may nominate.

How many times can I vote?

During the Popular Vote round, which will occur from February 26-29, you may vote for up to five products per day. In all other rounds, you may vote in each bracketed (head-to-head) contest once per day.

Can a company have multiple products in the contest?

Yes, but only one product per company can make it into the Top Sixteen.

What if my product has won in the past?

A company with a winning product is prohibited from participating in the contest for one year. A winning product is indefinitely prohibited from being nominated again.


February 12-22

Popular Vote

February 26-29

Top 16

March 4-7

Top 8

March 11-14

Top Four

March 18-21

Winner Announced

March 28, 2024